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41010Surcharge special armrestAuf Anfrage/upon requestAuf Anfrage/upon request
41011-LArmrest left, for Eco/Ecostar (Plus)/Rex (Plus)129,00153,51
41011-RArmrest right, for Eco/Ecostar (Plus)/Rex (Plus)129,00153,51
41012-LArmrest left, for Recaro175,00208,25
41012-RArmrest right, for Recaro175,00208,25
41013-LArmrest wide left, for Eco/Ecostar (Plus)/Rex (Plus)180,00214,20
41013-RArmrest wide right, for Eco/Ecostar (Plus)/Rex (Plus)180,00214,20
41014-LArmrest support, left for RECARO Armrest, Steel361,00429,59
41014-RArmrest support, right for RECARO Armrest, Steel361,00429,59
41021Additional shock absorber for hydraulic damping, Ecostar Plus/Rex Plus190,00226,10
41022Replacement cover suspension for Ecostar Plus/Rex Plus139,00165,41
41025Replacement seat foam Eco/Rex158,00188,02
41026Replacement back foam Eco245,00291,55
41030PLReplacement cover Eco, Vogue anthracite, incl. new upholstery315,00374,85
41030VSReplacement cover for Eco, special fabric, Vogue anthrazit, incl. new upholstery376,00447,44
41031Replacement cover Eco/Ecostar (Plus), black vinyl, incl. new upholstery387,00460,53
41032Replacement cover Eco/Ecostar (Plus), high quality 24/7 fabric, incl. new upholstery505,00600,95
41033Replacement cover Rex (Plus), black vinyl, incl. new upholstery458,00545,02
41034Replacement cover Rex (Plus), high quality 24/7 fabric, incl. new upholstery580,00690,20
41037Replacement cover Eco/Rex, high quality 24/7 fabric, incl. new upholstery266,00316,54
41050-L180Turntable, lever left hand, 180⁰ adjustable465,00553,35
41050-L90Turntable, lever left hand, 90⁰ adjustable465,00553,35
41050-R180Turntable, lever right hand, 180⁰ adjustable465,00553,35
41050-R90Turntable, lever right hand, 90⁰ adjustable465,00553,35
41051Swivel I, turntable for boxmounting362,00430,78
41080Adapter for Rotolift/sliders 64221 (set)52,0061,88
41081Interface plate for Rotolift/Twintrack45,0053,55
41090Slipcover Eco, black vinyl B716223,00265,37
41091Slipcover Eco, 24/7 fabric, grey or blue338,00402,22
41092Slipcover Rex, black vinyl B716418,00497,42
41093Slipcover Rex, 24/7 fabric, grey or blue223,00265,37
41094Slipcover Rex, high quality 24/7 fabric, grey or blue338,00402,22
41095Slipcover Rex, natural leather418,00497,42
41096-WProtective cover for helm seats, canvas cream-white170,00202,30
41096-BProtective cover for helm seats, canvas blue170,00202,30
41099-aReplacement Cover Complete, Pluche stone-grey, without upholstery178,00211,82
41099-cReplacement Cover Seat, Vinyl black, without upholstery133,00158,27
41210Recaro converter 24V–12V221,00262,99
41211Switch, incl. installation in Recaro helm seat, for slider or pedestal215,00255,85
41212Accupack with charger343,00408,17
414304-point belt for Eco/Ecostar (Plus)/Rex (Plus)343,00408,17
414314-point Automatic safety belt for Eco, Eco Plus, Rex, Rex Plus helm seat405,00481,95
414504-point belt for Recaro helm seat321,00381,99
414514-point belt for Recaro helm seat, automatic416,00495,04
414522-point belt for Recaro helm seat96,00114,24
414532-point belt for Recaro helm seat, automatic148,00176,12
414542-point belt for Recaro helm seat, quick release90,00107,10

Valid Value Added Tax (VAT) for deliveries to private customers within the EU is 19%. For residential customers outside the EU, the VAT in the respective home country (= shipping address) is taken.

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