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Recaro suspension is the ultimate solution for shock absorbing for heavy swell off shore purposes and can be used under every Recaro Martime pilot seat. Available with mechanical dampers and manual adjustment or with air suspension and automatic adjustment according body weight. The compressor is available with voltage 12 or 24 Volt DC.

Recaro Northsea with a (specially modified) suspension unit fulfills the requirements of the International Code of Safety for High Speed Craft (HSC Code) and is certified by »Bureau Veritas«.

Item no. Item Price / Euro
[without VAT]
Price / Euro
[with VAT]
31680Recaro Suspension, mechanical dampers, frame steel powder coated1205,001433,95
31682Recaro Air Suspension, frame steel powder coated, electric, 12 Volt DC1340,001594,60
31683Recaro Air Suspension, frame steel powder coated, electric, 24 Volt DC1340,001594,60
31689Surcharge stainless steel frame instead of steel frame for Recaro Air Suspension300,00357,00

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